I Used To Think That Too

There was a time in my past when I thought like I fear many people still do.  That words like “organic”, “all natural”, “non toxic”, “non GMO” were just buzz words meant to sell more expensive products and grow companies like Whole Foods.  I’m a chef by trade and work in childhood nutrition, I know what I’m doing, right?  We ate pretty well, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats and I left the rest to trendy corporate markups.  I was so wrong.

Once my husband and I started trying for a family my mindset changed.  It took about a year of fertility treatments not working when I decided there must be something more.  Something more I can do and something I am not doing right.

My first eye-opener was the discovery of BPA (Bisphenol-A) and the damage it can do to the endocrine system and fertility in both men and women.  At this time some products were just starting to remove BPA as information about the toxicity of this chemical is plastic products was just coming to light.  I immediately rid our home of this chemical and I truly believe it made a difference in our fertility.

From there I became a sponge.  I read all that I could about foods, chemicals, GMOs, you name it.  And this self-education is never-ending, especially as more research is done and shared.  Once I became pregnant with our boys I knew I wanted to make sure that they grew up with as clean of a life as possible.  Our country has spent so many years in the dark and we unknowingly have poisoned ourselves and our children for generations.  I truly believe that cancers and other diseases continue to take hold of so many people because of what we have allowed the food and cosmetic industry to do to us.  We wanted “low fat” and “non fat” and “convenience” and “cheap” which has done nothing but increase obesity issues and health problems.

I promise, “organic”, “all natural”, “non toxic”, “non GMO” and the rest are not “buzz words”, they are real and they mean something.  Thankfully companies and farmers are hearing our voice and understanding the need to make changes so more products are available on the  market increasing the saturation thus lowering the prices making clean living more affordable for families.  Even discount retailer Aldi has a fantastic line of organic and natural products at great prices.  You really can make changes on a budget.

Do you need to change everything all at once?  No.  It takes time to learn and grow and adapt.  One of the first steps I recommend is eliminating processed and prepared foods.  STAY AWAY FROM THE FREEZER AND DRY GOODS ISLES!  In this area, unless you are buying organic or really reading labels, I’d stay away.  Next time you are shopping take a look at the ingredients on some of those boxed and frozen meals.  You might shock yourself.

There are two sites (and apps) that I recommend to everyone.


EWG an app, Skin Deep, which allows you to search a product, ingredient, or scan some products as well.

Real Food app is wonderful for scanning foods and quickly highlighting the not-so-good ingredients along with a rank.

Living a clean a healthy life does not have to be complicated nor does it have to be expensive.  Take baby steps, read, learn, and grow.  I promise you can do it too. 🙂


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