Italian Chicken Sausage + Spinach Stuffed Shells

I'm always looking for a good recipe that my family will love and comes together quickly, this one hits the spot!  Pasta is always a fan favorite. The Italian sausage packs the flavor and using a chicken variety helps cut fat and calories. Adding Spinach sneaks in a little more nutrients. I always like… Continue reading Italian Chicken Sausage + Spinach Stuffed Shells


Bringing in 2016

I am often indifferent to the New Year, or at least do not give it much thought since I have never been big on resolutions.  Aside from a few years ago when I resolved to wash the makeup off my face every single night no self made promises have actually stuck.  But, I always resolve… Continue reading Bringing in 2016


Meal Planning, You Can Do It!

Something I've been thinking about lately, especially as I was peeling potatoes Monday night after a crazy hectic day, is how meal planning has literally changed my family's life and I know it could for so many others. Before we started meal planning we ate like crap.  Seriously.  We'd cook a few nights a week,… Continue reading Meal Planning, You Can Do It!