A Grateful Heart


A major part of living a healthy life is having spiritual health too.  I’m not referring to the “church” kind (although that is certainly important for many) but your spiritual self.  I will certainly do more on personal development and such but there’s this one topic that has been sitting on my heart and I just feel the need to put it out there.

Stop the comparisons.  Stop sitting on Instragram or Facebook, or any other social media application dwelling on the awesome house your friend from high school just bought, or the super cute family pics your cousin’s best friend just had done, or the awesome vacations or sometimes friend is always going on.  Behind the lense is always another story.  Behind the lense the person with the mega-mansion may be drowning in debt but has a huge need to keep up with the Joneses.  Behind the lense the person with the super cute family photos has a marriage falling apart.  Behind the lense the person always taking awesome vacations has nothing else to do with her life because she’s unable to have children and feels the need to fill the void.

We need to set aside the belief that everyone else has a perfect life and ours is just not good enough.  No one has it perfect.  But life is as perfect as we make it.  If we just accept the good and the bad for what they are our hearts will be more content.  To get there we must understand what can and can not be changed.  We must accept what can not and make progress to change what can.  But know that life is a never ending always changing journey.  Be content with the progress you make and if you’re not then make the adjustments needed.  Accept and be grateful for what you have and always always remember someone, somewhere has far less.  Only you can control your happiness. 


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